Complex development of a Mangalica farm

A young farmer realised her dream to set up a farm for breeding the Hungarian swine Mangalica using support from various RDP measures.

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Project summary: 

A young entrepreneur, Ms Zsóka Fekete, after her studies on animal production decided to set up her own farm. There she would breed the native Hungarian swine breed called Mangalica. RDP support from different measures was received at the different stages of the farm’s development.

Initially setting up young farmers support was received and was used to buy land for growing fruits and vegetables. LEADER support helped buy some specific machines, such as fruit and vegetable cleaner, fruit and vegetable slicing machine, etc. When livestock production started expanding the young farmer used farm modernisation support to obtain a tractor and a trailer. These were used for the crop production which provided the feed for the swine. Finally, a series of different specialised machines (hydraulic filling machine, meat mincer, vacuum packaging machine etc.) were purchased using support from measure “Adding value to agricultural products". These were used for production of the different food products which were developed by the farm.


Project results: 

Ms Zsóka created her own Mangalica livestock of more than 40 sows and 300 pigs. The animals are fed by her own and her father’s organic forage.

The investment enabled the beneficiary to become self-employed and created 1 full-time job. 

The farm has gain recognition and often it participates in events, exhibitions, professional conferences both at national and international level. 

The farm’s products were awarded the Hajdu-Bihar County Quality Product Award. Since 2013 the products won prizes at the National Mangalica Festivals.