Comedor del Arte

Comedor del Arte is an open meeting space that promotes a society built on empathy and solidarity through the arts and creativity.

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Project summary: 

The basic idea of Comedor del Arte is to enable people living on the fringes of society to meet within a context of mutual respect, and to provide a platform for creative activities. 

It is an open-minded meeting place where people, regardless of their age, gender, colour, origin, religion or political views, can meet and be active and creative together. The space is run by volunteers and all activities are free-of-charge and focused on education, communication, creativity, networking, cooperation and integration. Anyone can donate their time or know-how to the project. They can also support the initiative through in-kind or financial donations. 

Project results: 

274 people participated in workshops between 2017 and 2019.

Students in the various language classes came from Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Egypt, China, Iran, Dagestan, Ukraine, Syria, Chechnya and Romania.

At least 42 local people helped on a voluntary basis with language classes, workshops, markets, product creation and website maintenance.