Coillte Sláintiúil – Protecting native woodlands

Helping a new type of rural enterprise that can support a transition towards a green, diversified rural economy. Coillte Sláintiúil provides services to protect, rejuvenate and replace native woodlands.

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Project summary: 

Coillte Sláintiúil (the name means ‘healthy forests’) is a start-up enterprise providing a range of woodland conservation solutions, such as containing disease and invasive alien species. Invasives are a major cause of woodland biodiversity loss. The need to preserve Ireland’s woodlands is both a local and national issue.  This project assisted the development of the business, by providing financial support for the purchase of equipment. This helped to build Coillte Sláintiúil’s reputation, network and capacity to take on more complex conservation projects. The business services unmet, important environmental needs in the woodland context.

Project results: 

Since acquiring the new equipment, Coillte Sláintiúil has upscaled its operations with at least a 40% increase in output.

In 2018, Coillte Sláintiúil safeguarded approximately 35-40 acres (14-16 ha) of woodland focusing on the control of invasive alien species.

Coillte Sláintiúil has secured three new projects since acquiring the new equipment.