“Clean yard, clean ditch. This is how you do it’’

A CAP-funded knowledge-sharing project to help farmers reduce agricultural pollution and improve water quality.

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Project summary: 

This CAP-funded knowledge-sharing and behavioural change project aimed to improve water quality by reducing agricultural pollution from bulb and flower production farms by 80 % within two years. Participating farmers and entrepreneurs attended a series of meetings and field trips to learn about pollution-reducing management practices. They each then elaborated an action plan for improving the water quality on their farms and supported the process of gathering data over a two-year period. It is hoped that this project will bring about lasting behavioural change amongst the project participants as well as greater uptake of sustainable farming practices generally as more people hear about the project. 

Project results: 

All the activities were implemented as planned and resulted in an improvement in water quality due to reduced runoff from the participating farms.