Chevetogne - combining a wetland ecosystem observation area with social tourism

Restoring a wetland ecosystem and creating an observation area, for ecological, hydrological, educational and touristic purposes.

Project summary: 

The project of the Chevetogne provincial park consists in the rehabilitation and the landscaping of part of the old caravanning area bordering the ponds. Over three hectares, this area is restored into wetland, a wetland ecosystem observation area and a biodiversity laboratory. The restored area will accommodate a few picnic facilities and two children's play areas. An additional development is to extend the walking trail for people with reduced mobility.

Project results: 

Creation of a wetland of more than two hectares, including a natural reserve for fauna and flora, with positive impact on groundwaters, watercourse cleaning, high waters regulation;

Creation of a picnic area, fostering links between cultures and generations;

Extension of the park’s walking paths accessible to persons with reduced mobility;

Creation of an education spot around the willow tree (salix alba);

Creation of migratory bird habitats;

Creation of playgrounds for children under seven years old.