A cheese processing facility on an Alpine pasture

An Austrian farmer used EAFRD funding to build a cheese processing facility on an Alpine pasture offering tours and events to learn about cheese and Alpine farming.

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Project summary: 

Over half of dairy cows in Austria’s Tyrol region spend the summer on Alpine pastures. But only 9% of the milk is processed into cheese in these areas. The project aimed to create a cheese processing facility to give visitors an insight into the cheese-making process and work of an Alpine farmer.   

The project used EAFRD funding to develop a cheese processing facility, while educational activities are organised on site such as tours, tastings and day-to-day activities. The funding was also used for a ripening cellar and to set up the tasting room.  Courses are also organised.

Project results: 

Creation of a cheese processing facility, ripening cellar and tasting room on an Alpine pasture.

During summer, 100 000 litres of milk are processed into 10 tonnes of cheese or 1 100 cheese slices. 70 % is sold to hikers or as holiday souvenirs, 30 % to hotels.

The cheeses have won awards.

Cheese tours allow visitors to taste regional specialities and learn about the process.