Case Study: Thematic groups to increase stakeholder involvement in Sweden

Sweden’s National Rural Network has set up thematic working groups to improve and encourage the role of rural stakeholders in the delivery of rural development activity.

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Project summary: 

This methodological case study explores the Swedish Rural Network support unit in its use of thematic groups in the aim of improving and encouraging the involvement of rural stakeholders in the delivery of Rural Development policy.

Project results: 

A common understanding of the need to use local food and improve food quality in public kitchens was built through dialogue between producer organisations and public kitchen managers. A questionnaire asking for good examples of when locally produced food had been purchased by municipalities within procurement rules was conducted. Understanding each other’s situation and context made it easier to cooperate. This led to survey responses from 118 municipalities and 17 counties and 15 in-depth interviews. A flyer on food quality was produced, and following the report and seminar on activities, a four page newsletter on examples of success in the procurement of local food.