Case study: Simplified Cost Options in the Canary Islands RDP

The Canary Islands have implemented Simplified Cost Options in order to simplify RDP implementation and reduce the error rate

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Project summary: 

This methodological case study explores the programming and implementation of Simplified Cost Options under the Canary Islands Rural Development Programme (RDP) as a means of simplifying administration and reducing error rates.

Project results: 

With the application of Simplified Cost Options, specifically, SSUC, the Unit Cost of each investment in
agricultural holdings could be calculated on the basis of real costs in advance of the calls for support This option has made it possible to achieve the objective of the Managing Authority of the RDP of the Canary Islands in relation to reducing the administrative burden, and consequently the error rate.


Another important aspect to highlight was the traceability of the values reached as the information used in the calculation of the Unit Costs has been stored in a database where each one of the prices obtained has a code which makes it possible to trace it back to the original document which justifies it.