Case Study: A risk-assessment approach for RDP implementation

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Developing an approach to risk assessment for RDPs in Ireland.

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Project summary: 

This methodological case study explores the development of a coordinated approach to risk assessment for the implementation of Ireland’s Rural Development Programme (RDPs).

Project results: 

The process adopted has been an iterative process which focused on continuous improvement, utilising the companies experience and expertise to develop the model. In the 2007-2013 RDP, the LAG had overseen the development of 255 projects with a total value of €10.25m. All project funds were fully drawn down, with no disallowances or disqualifications. The average project grant was €40 241, with the highest single grant of €210 000. As such, the project has been determined as ‘low risk’ by the Managing Authority, and further accreditation is sought to meet both PQASSO and EFQM standards. The adoption of the standards to date has underlined the value of an IT System to record and collate data and metrics, and has led to an effective communications strategy for the RDP.