Café Edelstein – designing a village’s meeting point

In order to strengthen and expand the function of a community café as a focal point of the village community, the outdoor area of the old school hosting the café was rebuilt and designed in such a way that community events can be held outdoors.

Project summary: 

At the end of 2017 a mineralogical museum, located in the old school in the district Oberkirchen, was converted into a village meeting point named ‘Café Edelstein’. Two rooms were renovated and the café area became a meeting point that flourished and was popular among the locals. 
Soon the need arose to create a usable facility in the outdoor area, so that the café could also offer outdoor events in good weather. Both the indoor and outdoor areas provide groups with the opportunity to have a central meeting point for regular events at all seasons.

Project results: 

The Café Edelstein has become the central point for communication of the population in Oberkirchen. 
In the newly created outdoor area, in times of good weather and in cooperation with local companies (caterers, restaurants, clubs, etc.), barbecue evenings, or other culinary activities are offered every Tuesday. 
Other clubs, groups and companies use the café daily. Supplementary joint offers are created.