Café and kitchen at the village shop on Dyrön

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A very small island in Sweden used EAFRD support to broaden the range of services offered by a village shop by building a café area and a kitchen.

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Project summary: 

Dyrön is a very small island at the west coast of Sweden, with 250 all-year inhabitants. In the summer, this number is close to 1.000. Efforts to resolve problems associated with its insularity, such as low economic activity, elderly population, etc., concentrated on the small local shop which has an important role in the local community. The shop is open all year round and it is the meeting place for the inhabitants. It also serves the small number of tourists visiting the island.

In order to develop the village shop a project was launched to expand it with a kitchen and a small café. Using EAFRD support, local skills as well as voluntary work, helped expand the premises of the shop to give room for the café, whilst a kitchen was fitted into the present shop.

Project results: 

The shopkeeper has already opened the café to the locals, serving coffee and Christmas buns.

The building process has engaged many of inhabitants on the island, and many have helped with suggestions, ideas or voluntary work.

The islanders are looking forward to the spring season, when the café and the catering business will help bringing life and comfort on the island, and also encourage more visitors to come to the island, for the benefit of all the enterprises of the island.