Business Development for Women – tailored support for female rural entrepreneurs

Business Development for Women’ provided a business training programme to 60 women, giving them the knowledge and skills necessary to create a business plan for developing their rural business.

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Project summary: 

The full potential of female entrepreneurship in rural areas can be hampered by insufficient business knowledge, skills and confidence.

This project provided a business training  programme over six sessions to a total of 60 women. Theorerical courses was mixed with practical exercises based on real cases.

In addition to course materials and training activities, a Facebook group was created to facilitate networking and peer support amongst the female entrepreneurs.

Project results: 
  • Increased business knowledge, skills and confidence of 60 rural women.
  • 50 participants completed business plans, approved by external consultants.
  • Participants gave the training consistently high ratings and many of the participants recommended the programme to friends and acquaintances.
  • Many of the women continue to network and offer each other peer support.