Business Boost- Collaboration for more regional food

A CAP-funded project aimed to build the capacity of small-scale producers to reach the regional market and shorten the region’s food chain.

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Project summary: 

The Västra Götaland region was experiencing growing demand for high-quality local food of known origin. This may create new business opportunities for agricultural companies, food processing enterprises and regional restaurants and grocery stores, but capacity, marketing and collaborative working are key. Two non-profit organisations cooperated with the County Administrative Board to build capacity across the sector and shorten the region’s food chain.

Project results: 

A total of 55 local small-scale producers participated in the project. The project has been successful in facilitating collaboration across the sector, and several regional grocery stores are now dedicated to selling local products. 

Out of the 210 participants in the seminars, study visits and workshops series, 76 were men and 134 were women.