Building dry stone walls in the Balearic Islands

A young farmer received RDP support to build stone wall terraces, helping him to improve the farm’s productivity, while protecting its soil from erosion.

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Project summary: 

The Mediterranean area is particularly affected by soil erosion. Deforestation of mountains, the pattern of rainfall and human actions result in significant soil loss. In this context, the effort to promote the rehabilitation of terraces, masonry walls, etc. are key to maintaining the traditional landscape and avoiding rainwater run-off, erosion and consequently soil loss. 
A young farmer took over his family’s abandoned farm and used several strands of RDP support to revitalise the agricultural activity. He received support for young farmers and for the modernisation of agricultural holdings, but he also applied for support to build dry stone walls. This non-productive investment helped him to increase the area suitable for cultivation, while protecting the soil on his farm.

Project results: 

Fundamental benefits of this type of non-productive investments are the maintenance of the landscape and prevention of erosion or loss of soil, which slow down the desertification of the area. 
Overall, thanks to RDP support the beneficiary managed to restore his family’s farm and secure an income that allows him to stay in the area.