Briquette production at ECODOMANI

Setting up a briquette production plant that uses wood dust and energetic willow, shows how a region's natural resources can be used for energy production in an environmentally friendly way.

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Project summary: 

This Romanian project demonstrates how a region's natural resources can be used for the benefit of the environment and the local community. The beneficiary established a plant that produces briquettes from energetic willow and wood dust which is a by-product of area's wood industry. 

The project financed the purchase of the necessary equipment including a dryer, a mobile chipper, a tractor, a crusher and a trailer for transferring the raw material.


Project results: 

The demand for briquettes is increasing, highlighting in practice that this source of reneable energy is an economically viable alternative to burning firewood.

The new briquette production plant created two permanent, full-time jobs that were covered by two locals over the age of 50.

The company foresees hiring a shift worker for the cultivation of energetic willow.