Bioreserve Na Mlakách

Creation of a bioreserve consisting of a small reservoir, a retention basin, and an adjacent strip of vegetation to improve water retention in an intensively farmed area.

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Project summary: 

The small municipality of Venice (German Venice) is located in the north-eastern part of the historical region of Bohemia and is intensively farmed. Intensive farming has contributed to a series of environmental problems. The area is affected by rapid surface water drainage, resulting in a lack of water retention, flooding after heavy rains and poor soil drainage.
The municipality, in cooperation with the board of representatives of landowners, initiated a project for the construction of a bioreserve consisting of a small reservoir, a retention basin, as well as an adjacent strip of vegetation with trees and shrubs. In addition, fruit trees were planted next to an existing path and a new grass path was created alongside a nearby stream.

Project results: 

The reservoir has reduced the flow of runoff and flooding, and with the vegetation it has created a valuable conservation element amidst the intensively farmed landscape. 
Overall, the bioreserve will help increase the retention capacity of the basin, which is surrounded by approximately 61 ha of arable land owned by six agricultural companies.
The construction of the grass path has improved access to the agricultural land for farm machinery as well as the bioreserve. 
Biodiversity in the area has improved after the project.