Biodiversity on my farm – from farmer to farmer

Peer-to-peer advisory services help raise biodiversity awareness among Austrian farmers.

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Project summary: 

The Austrian Board of Trustees for Agricultural Engineering and Rural Development (ÖKL) started the project ‘Biodiversity on my farm–strengthening the farmers' in 2019. As part of the project, farmers were trained to become facilitators and enable peer-to-peer exchange about biodiversity at farm level. A key outcome of this bottom-up approach was a positive mindset and a practical approach to nature conservation beyond obligations and restrictions.

Project results: 
  • By the end of 2021, each of the 370 participating farms had created their own biodiversity portfolio and were implementing new biodiversity-protecting actions.
  • Biodiversity established as a mainstream topic among the farming community. Greater networking and stakeholder involvement at regional level.
  • 65 biodiversity facilitators now acting as regional multipliers and drivers for regional cooperation.