Biking together

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Organising bicycle rallies as a means of promoting social interaction and integration.

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Project summary: 

The Bike Rally is an annual event that has been organised by the LAG Wrota Wielkopolski Association since 2010. The event promotes social integration and the natural and cultural heritage of the southern Wielkopolska region in Poland. This initiative provides the local community an opportunity to spend time together in an active way.

The local community is involved in the implementation of the Bike Rally, and routes (itineraries) are set out in cooperation with local cycling enthusiasts. During the rally, the LAG provides a technical and pre-medical service, insurance, guidance and refreshments.

Project results: 

Organised two bicycle rallies (18 September 2016 and 10 September 2017).

Around 200 participants joined the two events.

Promoted a healthy lifestyle and active recreation.

Promoted local tourism, sightseeing and natural heritage.

Fostered integration among participants, a combination of passion and willingness to cooperate with each other.