Biddenden Vineyards – modernisation project

Expanding a viticulture business to meet market demand by investing in modern and efficient equipment.

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Project summary: 

Biddenden Vineyards is a small business located in Ashford, Kent. The beneficiary identified that in order to expand and meet market demand it needed to invest in modern and efficient equipment.

The new equipment enables the beneficiary to offer juices and pressing services to other local small farmers and producers. This will in-turn allow other producers to expand their ability to take their products to market. There is a growing market demand for this service and the business was previously unable to meet this demand.

Project results: 

A profit of nearly 10% has been generated since the funding, this suggests the beneficiary is gradually benefiting from the investment.

Positive environmental impacts from reduced water and electricity use - it is expected that the company will use 750m3 less water in the bottling and pressing process.

A number of local business are benefiting from the installation of new equipment at Biddenden as the business offers a fruit pressing service to other small businesses.