‘BeeKing’ – Digital solutions for apiary management

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Development of an online platform and an app that allows beekeepers to more efficiently maintain their intervention records and exchange know-how.

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Project summary: 

Most beekeepers keep records and collect data during inspections of their beehives. This is usually done manually, which is inconvenient and time consuming. In addition to this, not having access to a collective information base makes it difficult for beekeepers to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others in their field.

The project holder, in cooperation with the Latvian Beekeepers Association, carried out a survey to identify the problems and needs of beekeepers. Based on the findings, a LEADER measure funded project was established in order to test a set of digital tools and services that could support efficient apiary management and knowledge exchange in the sector.

Project results: 

Developed the portal “BeeKing” that enables beekeepers to maintain their administrative records as part of a broader overview of beekeeping apiaries and hives. The portal also includes a forum for user support and networking.

Developed a mobile app for Android users that enables speech recognition note-taking and where beekeepers can access a short overview of the history of interventions at each of their apiaries.

137 beekeepers from all over Latvia applied to participate in the project’s trial period and gave feedback by the end of 2018.