Bakery Hrinova – Investments to increase the competitiveness of a bakery business

The Slovakian rural development programme supported a high-quality bakery business in its efforts to increase production capacity and profitability.

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Project summary: 

Support from the rural development programme was used to increase the production capacity and efficiency of a small-scale bakery, which produces high-quality bakery products, some of which are certified as either high-quality products or regional Podpolanie products. The premises of the bakery were reconstructed and the production building extended. Part of the funds were invested into purchasing new machines and equipment, including new ovens, rolling machine, a working table, a semi-automatic machine for doughnuts and a heat-recovery device.

Project results: 

Five new products were added to the range of the bakery’s products.

Created three new jobs and planning to create four more.

Increased sales and 10% higher turnover.

Reduced energy consumption.