Awarding the Regional Quality Brand ‘KARSTICUM’

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A Slovakian cultural centre used EAFRD support to develop and promote a regional  brand  for improving the sales of local artisanal products.

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Project summary: 

The cultural centre ALMA in the Slovak  region of the Karst National Park wanted to promote local artisanal foods and handicrafts through a regional brand. The creation of the Karsticum brand aimed to  help producers increase their sales, preserve traditions and develop tourism.

The cultural centre ALMA used EAFRD support to establish a process for awarding the brand to applicants and for promoting it through events such as farmers’ markets and promotional material. Workshops were organised to train assessment panels to award the brand. 

Project results: 

The Karsticum brand has helped improve sales of artisanal products from the region.

The brand is already used by 21 producers and service providers, with 48 products or services recognised.

The brand has become widely recognised in the area and more artisanal producers have applied to use it.

The project has enabled producers to exchange knowledge about their experiences in using the brand, as well as on their production methods.