Aviputna S.R.L. – modernisation of a poultry farm in Romania

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A poultry farm used RDP support to modernise its facilities and produce high quality free range eggs.

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Project summary: 

As Romanian consumers become more aware of healthy eating and begin to prefer locally produced natural products, farmers and producers need to comply with the changing market demand.The managers of Aviputna poultry farm in Vrancea County, took advantage of the opportunities offered by the Romanian Rural Development Programme to modernise their farm. Support was used to modernize the six production halls, upgrade the feed mill and change the production model by applying poultry breeding equipment for open spaces. In addition, the air conditioning, ventilation, feeding, water supply and egg harvesting processes became fully automatic.

Project results: 

Up to 45 million eggs can be produced annually.

20 people from the surrounding area were hired as FTE, trained “in house” and work in the company.