Åsbo Gård – using biogas to produce electricity and heating

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A dairy family farm in Sweden invested in a biogas powered generator and a storage facility for substrates in order to become self-sufficient through the use of green energy.

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Project summary: 

Åsbo Gård is a family dairy farm located in Jämtland, north Sweden. In 2014, the farm constructed a biogas plant to cover part of its heating needs. In 2015, the farm began to work with the biggest cooperative of dairy producers in Sweden - Arla Jämtland. As part of their collaboration, Arla provides the Åsbo Gård farm with whey, which it uses to produce biogas on site. 
The abundance of this raw material has enabled the farm to increase its production of biogas. However, in order to take full advantage of the new potential, the farm sought RDP support to construct a biogas powered generator and storage for substrates.

Project results: 

Today 75% of the farm’s electricity needs are met by the generator and only 25% of the electricity used is bought in. 
The substrate created from mixing the whey from Arla with manure produced on the farm produces 25% more energy when transformed to biogas, compared to the use of manure only. 
The storage facility enables the farm to store whey and use it all year round, as needed, to produce biogas.