Art as a leverage of local development in a mountain area

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A LEADER project used artistic creations to increase the attractiveness of a remote rural area and stimulate economic activity.

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Project summary: 

In order to revive a remote mountainous area with harsh conditions and stimulate economic activity, a LEADER funded project facilitated the creation of a new touristic offer. This new offer was based on artwork inspired by the surrounding landscape, accompanied with an integrated package of activities, such as the organisation of artistic events, studies, advisory services and promotional activities.

Project results: 

During the summer of 2017, over 50 ‘escape events’ were organised in the area.

The Ardèche Tourism Board carried out a feasibility study, reaching an estimate of 50.000 visitors per year. Considering that the average person spends around 15 EUR per day, the economic impact is estimated to be around 750 000 EUR per year.

Contemporary creation inspired by the landscape has become an ongoing process in the area and every year, a new artistic programme is proposed, involving more and more cultural venues in the area.