APPVID – Grapevine diseases management

A collaborative system of precision viticulture enabling farmers to have online real time information about the health of the vineyards and make more targeted phytosanitary interventions.

Project summary: 

The control of grapevine diseases is traditionally carried out with phytosanitary treatments either applied at specific times every year, or based on the phenological state of the crop, without taking into account the environmental parameters that affect the disease.

The project aims to develop a collaborative system of precision viticulture. Small wineries and vine growers will have a real time on-line tool that will help them make decisions regarding the management of diseases. The remote sensors and mobile App will provide beneficiaries detailed information about the vineyards health in real time, thus facilitating the planning of phytosanitary treatments.


Project results: 
  • Improvement farm profitability of farms due to the reduction of costs involved.
  • Reduced environmental impact of due to the reduced and more accurate phytosanitary treatments.
  • Improvement grapes quality. Grapes are healthier and with less phytosanitary residues, which affects positively the fermentation process.