Animal welfare by the Ollikkala pig farm

A pig farm used Rural Development Programme (RDP) funding to improve the animals’ living conditions and the branding of their products.

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Project summary: 

The Ollikkala pig farm in Vihti, mainly produces ethically reared piglets and aims to be a pioneer in improving Finnish pigs’ welfare. Having met the Rural Development Programme’s (RDP) animal welfare commitment criteria, Ollikkala farm wants to use the image of being an animal welfare champion, for branding the farm products. 
The commitments the pig farm has taken on in terms of animal welfare cover water, feed and animal care in accordance with the natural needs of animal husbandry. The housing conditions were improved with increased space allowances, better flooring surfaces, more enrichment materials (toys) and natural light. The conditions apply to all pigs on the farm, excluding un-weaned piglets. 

Project results: 

Free farrowing speeds up and improves the farrowing process in terms of piglet survival – in Ollikkala the mortality rate is almost zero. 
As well as the very important improved animal welfare aspects, the farm has also managed to increase its profitability through direct sales to consumers. Additionally, by selling its products to those in the processing industry who understand the value of ethically produced meat, the farm has achieved higher producer prices.