Angelic Gardens / Anielskie Ogrody - Poland

Angelic Gardens (Anielskie Ogrody) is a forward-looking project that aims to create oases of biodiversity in farms and gardens. It shows that a small productive garden on a family farm can, with little effort, be beautiful and provide high quality bio food. Angelic Gardens leads the way in the times of pandemic and climate change with high quality ‘step by step’ educational materials and easy internet communication.

Project summary: 

The project helps to create – from scratch - small ecological family farms and support/assist them in producing organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. It involves education through hands-on workshops as well as online guidance, bringing it up to a national scale. It also inspires local and national communities to cooperate with small productive gardens for schoolchildren and the elderly.

Project results: 

Unique knowledge of organic productive garden cultivation and crop processing has been preserved and can be passed on to future generations. The Academy of Angelic Gardens “workshops in the garden“ have had 450 participants.
Local inhabitants became involved in environmental education. Seven community gardens were created, 80 trees planted and 15 people started to implement pro-environmental measures in their gardens and farms.
The ‘energy-saving raised borders’ project was implemented and in December 2020, patents for implementing these new organic farming methods were issued.
There are communication tools to quickly scale-up and implement the idea of Angelic Gardens across Poland. 170 people take part in the Internet Academy.
The initiative can be transferred to other farms and educational activities. Flowery borders in a social educational garden for children were used in gardens in Bytnica and Jaczów.