Andalusian Shepherd School 2017

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In order to maintain the traditional activity of extensive sheep and cattle grazing, the Government of Andalusia created a pilot training programme on pastoralism for those that wanted to pursue a new career.

Project summary: 

Shepherds contribute to the socio-economic and environmental development of rural areas. The project provided the necessary training to those who wish to find a professional path in pastoralism.The modular courses give students all the necessary knowledge on the traditional extensive cattle and shepherd activities while incorporating the tools and innovations needed to face the challenges of the current livestock systems, stressing the environmental protection function of the grazing activity.

Project results: 

Trained over 100 students during the seven editions of the programme

Trained 100 shepherds as mentors for the practical cases and field work.

Reviewed the state and prospect of 6 goat local breeds (three in risk of extinction) and 5 sheep local breeds (2 in risk of extinction)

60% of the trainees got professionally engaged into the livestock activity