Agrotronics and computerisation in agriculture

Using CAP funds to organise practical and theoretical courses in agrotronics and the computerisation of agricultural machinery.

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Project summary: 

This CAP-funded project financed practical and theoretical courses for agrotronics students in agricultural schools. They included ‘hands-on’ opportunities to learn about the operation of mechatronic systems used in vehicles and agricultural machines, i.e. sensors and actuators, electronics, automation or programmable controllers.

Project results: 

Established a network between potential employees and employers, as well as producers and distributors of agricultural equipment.

Improved the diagnostics, service and repair skills of 50 participants.

Increased the confidence of the participants (students of agrotronics) about future career options as the field of agriculture shifts increasingly towards automation and computerisation.

Extended subsequent training sessions to include issues related to the simulation of modern combine harvesters and network-integrated fleet management in agriculture.