Agri-environmental measures delivering environmental and economic win-win

A project that demonstrates how agri-environment support can significantly help the protection of the environment while also increasing the profitability of a farm.

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Project summary: 

A young farmer in the Region of Murcia, Spain applied for agri-environment support from the RDP in order to contribute to efforts to protect their local environment while also endeavouring to increase their farm’s profitability. They received support to switch to using biotechnology to protect their almond trees from pests while reducing the use of phytosanitary products. This new approach also  protects the shelter and forage areas for birds in the protected steppe-habitat, by growing appropriate cereals and protecting the soil from water runoff with buffer strips.

Project results: 

Buffer strips resulted in a notable reduction in loss of soil and water due to run-off. Moreover, there has been an increase in the water now available for crops.

The population of steppe-land birds in the area has increased.

The farmer’s production costs have decreased due to their reduced use of phytosanitary products, while their yields remain at the same level.