Adding value to the traditional local produce of Pomurje

The Kodila meat processing company used EAFRD funds to invest in new equipment in order to enhance the quality of its PDO ham and increase its production volumes.

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Project summary: 

The  project  financed  the reconstruction of the Kodila meat processing company's production  and  sales facilities and  the  purchase of new equipment. A new building serving as a ripening depot and a shop was constructed. It was built using the traditional architecture style of the area using clay walls and a straw roof. The building also provided space for presentations and tastings. The  existing  processing  premises  were  extended,  renovated  and  modernised  with  new equipment for processing, internal transport, packaging, as well for computerised production and storage control.

Project results: 

• Increased production capacities 50%
• Total production and sales areas increased from 700 m2 to 2 300 m2.
• Number of staff increased from 20 to 35
• The expected annual income after five years was achieved in 2.5 years.
• Positive knock-on effects for local suppliers and regional tourism.