Acquisition of equipment for organic wine growing

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RDP support enabled a family farm to improve the quality of the organic wine they produce by financing the purchase of new equipment.

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Project summary: 

Domaine de Muzy is a family farm growing organic wine and fruit. The organic certification was obtained in 2010 for the whole land. The farm pursued higher quality in wine growing by keeping all the processing on the farm. In 2010, it was the first farm to adopt biodynamics as a wine growing system, and this strategy has proved to be successful over time.

EAFRD support allowed the business to invest in a new wine cellar and a fermenting room, with wider working spaces and more storage capacity. More specifically, the financial support enabled it to purchase a belt elevator, a maceration tank and a vinification vat.

Project results: 

The new facilities and equipment helped the beneficiaries to improve the quality of their wine and secure their market share. Nearly two-thirds of customers are private clients. Cellar masters and restaurants represent another 30% while the remaining 5% is exported.