ACCESS’R – making services accessible to populations in rural areas

The ACCESS’R project aimed at collecting and disseminating ideas on how to develop new services for people living in rural areas.

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Project summary: 

The ACCESS'R project (Accessibility of Services for the population in Rural areas) fostered innovative approaches that promote the accessibility or maintenance of services for populations in rural areas across all fields of public life (health, culture, public services, education, local shops etc.). The objectives of ACCESS’R were to identify good practices in terms of revitalising the services offered, collect them in an online project directory and disseminate a variety of experiences so that they would be multiplied over the wider territory.

Project results: 

The principal objective of the ACCESS’R project was of a social nature. There were no quantifiable targets; however, the project facilitated the improvement of public services available in rural areas. The social objective was reinforced by the positive economic impact.