3.EVA - Experimenting and Initiating Together in the Aude Valley

RDP funding helped improve a meat supply chain in Aude, France, boosting breeders’ income.

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Project summary: 

In 2013 an area in the Aude Valley, France was designated a ‘local hub for economic cooperation’ – a  scheme designed to foster innovative economic initiatives for local development. Under the scheme, the meat supply chain was identified as needing better organisation and promotion.LEADER funding was used to hire a facilitator for one year, working for an organisation called 3.EVA. The organisation coordinated improvements to the meat supply chain, focussing on traceability and better meat quality.

Project results: 
  • Higher quality of meat – mostly beef and sheep;
  • Better traceability via labels helping to improve marketing;
  • An increase in breeders’ revenue;
  • An Economic and Environmental Interest Grouping (EEIG) hosted by the local slaughterhouse in Quillan was established;
  • A joint programme for on-farm young organic feeder cattle coordinated by  BioCivam, was set-up.