“Earth Treasures Fair” Local International Market

A permanent local international market established on a village at the Slovak-Hungarian border enabled local producers from both countries to sell their products more effectively.

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Project summary: 

A Hungarian LAG located in the northern part of Hungary and bordering with Slovakia, wanted to support local producers and craftsmen by providing them new marketing/trading opportunities. To achieve this the LAG established a permanent local market were producers from both countries could sell their products.

Project activities included the setting up the market infrastructure which included 20 vendor stands, lavatory and a mobile stage. The EAFRD support was also used to organise a series of lectures and workshops on product processing, marketing, sales strategies, etc. Promotion of local products was a significant part of the project. This included developing informative materials, prospectus, brochures, leaflets and other marketing tools, including a new website. In addition, the project helped organise professional forums with the aim of setting up a advisory system platform. 


Project results: 

Local farmers, producers and craftsmen from both countries can now sell their products to the wider public.

The potential for a new tourist attraction was created.

The training centre and the organization of the lectures and workshops, fostered market access of the local goods as well as knowledge sharing towards the younger generation. 

The traditional programmes organised in the market helps the culture of the two countries to interact and exchange while strengthening the local identity.