‘Treasures of the Mountain Spirit’ in Low Silesia, Poland

EAFRD supported the successful development of a local brand in a mountainous area in Lower Silesia, Poland. It enabled the local population to develop its unique cultural diversity into a successful, integrated touristic product.

Project summary: 

Lack of cooperative spirit is a common challenge in rural areas. The same applies to Lower Silesia, Poland, where different cultures and identities co-exist like the German, the Czech, etc. However, the distinct culture and traditions of the area and the range of local niche products, provide significant opportunities for economic development if recognised and promoted as an integrated touristic product.

The Local Action Group fostered a spirit of cooperation between local actors to develop the local brand ‘Karkonoska Marka Lokalna - Treasures of the Mountain Spirit’. Through this initiative a series of local products and services were certified under the label and made available to the market. In addition, a series of complementary services and activities were supported, such as developing a website, setting up an information centre, organising events and contests etc.


Project results: 

The certification was awarded to 29 local products and services. It was awarded mainly to micro-enterprises, artists, local organisations and a few large businesses.

The successful branding and certification resulted to a significant increase in sales of local products and services. 

Unquantifiable results include a change in locals’ perception of regional identity in relation to the value of local traditions and products. 

The project contributed to the creation of a cooperation spirit among manufacturers, companies and other entities based on local brands and identity, which was not evident before. This cooperation effect was very visible at local and national events.