‘Finest Greek Tastes’

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Finest Greek Tastes is an ambitious LEADER cooperation project involving 21 Local Action Groups and more than 50 municipalities, working together to promote quality Greek products based on local culinary traditions and culture.

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Project summary: 

This LEADER cooperation project brought partners together from across Greece to promote quality Greek food and drink products and heritage as a means for stimulating rural development.

The partners worked together to showcase the many quality Greek products, but also the full range of skills, knowledge, rituals, symbols and traditions for producing, preparing and even consuming food in Greece.

The project supported the establishment of the ‘Finest Greek Tastes Network’ made up of LAGs, municipalities and institutions from across Greece and agreed a network strategy and action plan. Key activities developed by the network were: research and scientific presentation of the values of Greek cuisine; and promotion and marketing of quality Greek products to international markets, including through a marketing plan, videos, website, events and publicity material.


Project results: 

A Finest Greek Tastes Network comprising 21 Local Action Groups, 55 Greek municipalities and three organisations: the Institute of Hellenic Food, Culture and Gastronomy; the Technological Research Centre of W. Macedonia; and the Agricultural University of Athens.

Development of the ‘Finest Greek Tastes’ concept for marketing purposes, coordinated promotional actions of around 80 partners across 21 regions, and an associated website hosting 21 videos of the foods available in each LAG territory.

Finest Greek Tastes will now become an autonomous non-profit entity, giving it a firmer basis to continue its work beyond the project funding.