RDP Summaries

European Rural Development policy is implemented through Rural Development Programmes (RDPs), documents drawn up by EU Member States and regions setting out priority approaches and actions to address the needs of the specific geographical area they cover.

In the 2014-2020 programming period*, there are 118 national and regional RDPs whose implementation is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and national contributions.

See below summaries highlighting selected content of each national and regional RDP, including planned expenditure and 2023 targets.

For the full RDP texts and other informational material, click here.

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 Country ENRD RDP summary     DG AGRI Country page   Date of RDP approval  
Austria [PDF ] Factsheet 12/12/2014
Belgium   Factsheet  
Bulgaria [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Croatia [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Cyprus [PDF] Factsheet 03/12/2015
Czech Republic [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Denmark [PDF] Factsheet 12/12/2014
Estonia [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Finland   Factsheet  
France [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Germany   Factsheet  
Greece [PDF] Factsheet 11/12/2015
Hungary [PDF] Factsheet 10/08/2015
Ireland [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Italy [PDF] Factsheet 20/11/2015
Latvia [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Lithuania [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Luxembourg [PDF] Factsheet 01/07/2015
Malta [PDF] Factsheet 24/11/2015
The Netherlands [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Poland [PDF] Factsheet 12/12/2014
Portugal   Factsheet  
Romania [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Slovakia [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Slovenia [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Spain [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Sweden [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
UK   Factsheet