Promoting social inclusion, poverty reduction and economic development in rural areas





The priority at a glance

Some 14% of the population in the EU’s predominantly rural regions suffers from employment rates of less than half the EU average, and there are areas of low per-capita GDP. Much can be done to help create a wider variety of better quality jobs and an improved level of overall local development, including through information and communication technologies (ICT).

Areas of intervention (Focus areas):

  1. Facilitating diversification, creation of new small enterprises and job creation.
  2. Promoting local development in rural areas.
  3. Enhancing accessibility to, and use and quality of ICT in rural areas.

Links to available resources from the EU and Member States to support programming and implementation of rural development priorities for 2014-2020.

Relevant information for this section will be added in the future according to availability.


Examples of RDP implementation

Examples of EAFRD projects

Relevant case studies

  • Innovative approach to nature tourism in Spain: Creation of a mobile bird watching, Spain [PDFen]
  • Strengthening an association for providing machinery services to farmers in mountain areas, Italy [PDFen]
  • Cheviot Futures, United kingdom [PDFen]

Lessons learned 2007-2013

Links to relevant ENRD work providing a deeper understanding of how to support social inclusion with effective RDP programming and implementation.

  • Rural Review 6: Employment and Social Inclusion [PDFenfresdeitplhr] focuses on encouraging rural employment, tackling rural poverty and improving the quality of life.
  • The EAFRD projects brochure on Social inclusion [PDFen] highlights a range of social inclusion project examples from across rural Europe co-financed by the EAFRD.
  • The youth and young farmers gateway offers relevant information and resources on the support offered to young farmers and young people in rural areas in the EU. In particular the ENRD “Youth thematic initiative” has been looking at ways to improve RDP support to youth-related projects.
  • The EAFRD projects brochure on Young farmers and younger people in rural Europe [PDFen] provides a selection of project examples showing how the EAFRD can help to provide development opportunities for young farmers and younger people in rural Europe.
  • Social Farming  is a NRN Joint Thematic Initiative launched with the purpose to identify and analyses the opportunities and obstacles presented by national/regional RDPs 2007-2013 for the implementation of Social Farming/green care activities in the EU-27.
  • Social Aspects of Rural Entrepreneurship
  • Library on the Rural Entrepreneurship Gateway providing materials and project examples on Inclusion of Specific Target Groups
  • Library on the Rural Entrepreneurship Gateway providing materials and project examples on 
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • This section provides information on ICT application in the rural areas.
  • EAFRD project brochure on Information and Communication technology (ICT) . [PDFenfrdeitespl] highlights how ICT is being used as an essential tool for unlocking the potential of rural areas, making them more attractive places to live, work and visit.
  • Rural Review 10: Rural entrepreneurship [PDFenfresdeitplhr] provides a closer look at how EU agriculture and rural development policy help promote rural entrepreneurship.