ENRD Newsletter - September 2015


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  The ‘EU Rural Review’ is back  
Two new editions of ENRD’s thematic publication ‘EU Rural Review’ are now available online. Issue No 19 examines ‘stakeholder involvement’ in rural development and issue No 20 is dedicated to the topic of ‘Getting Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) going’.

Both editions are part of the thematic work of the ENRD Contact Point throughout 2015, including Thematic Group meetings and European Seminars.

ENRD publications are translated in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish. If you wish to subscribe to receive paper copies, please write to
subscribe@enrd.eu and specify the publication and language you are interested in.
New edition of ENRD magazine launched

The second edition of the ENRD networking magazine ‘Rural Connections’ is now available online.

As well as the latest rural development news and updates, this edition brings you individual perspectives on issues ranging from rural networking in the Western Balkans to results-based agri-environment schemes (RBAPS) in Europe. A section of on-the-ground reports and interviews has ‘A focus on improving RDP implementation’.

If you wish to subscribe to receive paper copies, please write to subscribe@enrd.eu.

Please send suggestions for topics and articles for future editions to editor@enrd.eu.


    ENRD call for photos 

    The ENRD Contact Point kindly invites you to share your photos that capture and represent rural development topics such as rural people/employment; rural diversity and environment; food; and the spirit of LEADER to be used in ENRD publications and other information material.

    To be of good print quality, the photos must be 1 MB or larger. We would need to know what the photo depicts and who holds the copyright. Contact us at editor@enrd.eu to share your photos or for more information.
    How to improve RDP implementation?

    The final report of ENRD’s Thematic Group on ‘Improving RDP implementation’ is now available on the ENRD website.

    The report provides specific recommendations to make the implementation of Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) simpler and more effective in meeting the real needs of stakeholders. It further provides insights into the kind of support National Rural Networks (NRNs) and the ENRD can provide in this respect.
    Latest trends in EU agri-food trade
    The latest analysis of EU agricultural and food trade in 2014 confirms the leading position of the EU as a world agri-food exporter and highlights the importance of trade for growth and jobs in agriculture and the food industry.

    The study provides a comprehensive overview of the EU’s main agri-food imports and exports, as well as its trade relations with key partners. The analysis reveals a net increase in the value of exports despite the Russian import restrictions, as well as a growing importance of the US market for agri-food trade.
    Public Consultation: Strategy for Agricultural Statistics 2020 and beyond

    Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU, is currently collecting the views and statistical needs of a broad range of rural and agricultural stakeholders.

    The consultation will feed into a new agricultural statistics strategy intended to address issues such as the greening of the CAP, climate change, production structures, food supply chains, price volatility etc. The deadline for participation is 18 November 2015.
    New EAFRD good project practices now online

    A set of 25 new examples of good practice in rural development across EU Member States are now available on the ENRD website.
    The collection covers a wide range of themes and projects. It includes examples of transnational cooperation, as well as effective methods of project delivery. Should you wish to propose a good practice in rural development providing insight into improving collaboration, delivery or understanding, please contact us at info@enrd.eu.
    A model for successful cross-border cooperation

    DG AGRI has launched a call for tenders for a study of best cooperative practices in agriculture with the ultimate aim of developing a replicable model for cross-border regional cooperation.
    The project will produce an inventory of successful partnerships under rural development, regional policy, and research and innovation and use the acquired knowledge to devise and test a strategy for effective cross-border cooperation.
    Multifunctional Agriculture training for young farmers

    An EU-funded project has provided a training resource for young farmers to learn about and apply ‘multifunctional’ farming techniques to diversify and improve their activities in terms of productivity and sustainability.
    The training system consists of e-learning and self-learning based courses, as well as a collection of 51 good practices from across 20 EU Member States covering various aspects of ‘multifunctional agriculture’. The knowledge platform has been made available in DE, EN, ES, FR, IT and PL.
    Major social media campaign raises awareness of farming in the UK
    A 24-hour live campaign saw thousands of farmers across the UK recording and sharing their daily activities via photos, videos, tweets, and Facebook posts.

    The initiative aimed to bring together everyone involved in UK agriculture and related industries via the hashtag #Farm24, from 5am on 20 August to 5am, 21 August 2015. Collecting thousands of tweets and photos, the campaign went global with Australian and US farmers joining at #Farm24.
    Sustainable soil management award
    The annual Land and Soil Management Award highlights good practices mitigating soil threats. It aims to enhance their visibility and take-up at local, national and European levels. 

    Farmers, landowners and managers, individually or in collaboration with research institutes or private companies, are encouraged to apply and showcase good and innovative practices for sustainable soil management. The deadline for applications is 31 December 2015.

    7-15 September 2015
    Week of DG Agriculture and Rural Development stakeholders
    Milan, Italy
    Within the framework of Expo Milano 2015, DG AGRI will organise a series of seminars dedicated to topics raised by pertinent stakeholders in the aim of contributing to the global debate on food security.
    9 September 2015
    The Territorial Impact of EU Policies - a Consistent and Inclusive Approach
    Brussels, Belgium
    This conference organised by the European Economic and Social Committee will discuss an across-the-board principle applying to a range of EU policies on the way ‘Towards a more balanced territorial development in the EU’.
    14-17 September 2015
    Second International Conference on Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society - "Reconnecting Agriculture and Food chains to Societal Needs"
    Rome, Italy
    The conference aims at advancing research on multifunctional agriculture and urban-rural relations by focusing on ways to reconnect agriculture and food chains to societal needs.
    18-20 September 2015
    Rural Film Festival "Corto e Fieno"
    Ameno, Italy
    This annual film festival examines the persistence of rural culture in contemporary society through a variety of testimonies from the rural world and aims to encourage a renewal of traditions of the land in new generations.
    21 September 2015
    Can the (New) CAP Deliver on Sustainability?
    Milan, Italy
    This EurActiv workshop will gather stakeholder input on the economic, environmental, and inclusiveness aspects of the reformed Common Agricultural Policy to feed into its upcoming review.
    22 September 2015
    European Parliament Intergroup Seminar
    Brussels, Belgium
    The European Parliament Intergroup on Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas is holding a Seminar at the Committee of the Regions on ‘Rural Areas in Territorial Cohesion and Inclusive Growth Policy 2014-2020’. For practical info and inscriptions, contact: rumra.red@ruraleurope.org
    23 September 2015
    RISE Conference at Expo Milano
    Milan, Italy
    The Rural Investment Support for Europe (RISE) Foundation is hosting a one-day Conference on  Sustainable Intensification and Nutrient Recovery and Reuse in Agriculture in the EU Pavilion at Expo Milano. It will be followed by a visit to a large nutrient recovery centre outside Milan.
    24 September 2015
    National Rural Networks’ Meeting
    Milan, Italy
    This ‘special edition’ NRN meeting aims to strengthen the capacity of National Support Units (NSUs) to provide support and guidance to LEADER/CLLD stakeholders through mutual learning and exchange of relevant experience among managing authorities, NSUs and Local Action Groups (LAGs).
    25 September 2015
    Strengthening Local Development through Cooperation
    Milan, Italy
    This conference will focus on improving LEADER/CLLD implementation as a way to boost inter-territorial and transnational cooperation within the EU and with third countries.
    28-29 September 2015
    Rural Matters International Conference
    Aveiro, Portugal
    The event will address the processes, dynamics, actors and institutions involved in the design and implementation of rural development policies and strategies. It will further explore the meanings of ‘rural’ in contemporary societies and consumption practices through leisure and tourism related activities.
    29 September - 1 October 2015  
    LINC Conference 2015
    Maratea, Italy
    The 2015 edition of the LEADER Inspired Network Community (LINC) Conference will promote exchange of experience and ideas for new co-operation projects in the context of the beginning of the new programming period.
    29 September - 1 October 2015  
    Natura 2000 Farmland Management and Biodiversity Conference
    Madrid, Spain
    This three-day networking event will showcase best practices of Natura 2000 planning and management, as well as various forms of co-operation and collaboration for agricultural production, biodiversity and nature conservation.
    30 September  
    SmartSOIL Conference
    Brussels, Belgium
    The concluding conference of the SmartSOIL project will discuss sustainable soil management aimed at reducing threats to soils under climate change and its implications for farming practices and policy.
    1 October 2015
    fi-compass Seminar on EAFRD Financial Instruments
    Vienna, Austria
    This one-day seminar aims to increase participants’ understanding of how Financial Instruments for agriculture and rural development can help efforts to deliver the objectives of the EAFRD in 2014-2020. It is aimed at RDP implementation stakeholders.
    2-4 October 2015
    8th International Organic and Regional Food Fair ‘Natura Food’
    Lodz, Poland
    This industry event will present the latest international trends in the development of organic agriculture and provide opportunities for business co-operation in the sector.
    12-15 October 2015  
    Europe's Regions and Cities: Partners for Investment and Growth
    Brussels, Belgium
    The 13th edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities will hold numerous events on topics such as ‘regions in the energy Union and the single digital market;’ ‘SME development, innovation and job creation;’ and ‘urban and rural development and integration.’
    13 October 2015  
    Food Sovereignty and Urban-Rural Integration
    Brussels, Belgium
    This workshop will focus on learning from a new wave of food initiatives which are contributing to strong and lasting urban-rural links and are creating the foundations for a new generation of local development strategies and initiatives.
    13-16 October 2015  
    3rd World Forum on Local Economic Development
    Turin, Italy
    The event will discuss Local Economic Development as a tool to achieve a more comprehensive and equal development by including all territorial actors representing private, public and civil society sectors.
    14-17 October 2015
    Bringing Innovations to Organic Farming
    Bratislava, Slovakia
    This international scientific conference will present and discuss cutting-edge organic agriculture research conducted in Central and Eastern Europe.
    15 October 2015
    Fight Food Waste, Feed the Planet
    Milan, Italy
    The conference aims to contribute to the setting of EU and global directions for food waste prevention, focusing on the importance of effective inter-sector cooperation from farm to fork.
    18-20 October 2015
    NATEXPO Trade Fair
    Paris, France
    This trade show for ecological and healthy food production will present the latest organic market trends and innovations.
    20 October 2015
    3rd European Rural Networks’ Steering Group Meeting
    Brussels, Belgium
    Save the date. More details to follow.
    21-22 October 2015
    The Future of Food - the Future of Biodiversity?
    London, UK
    This symposium will bring together experts and leading voices from farmers' groups, food suppliers, retailers, conservationists, scientists, NGOs and policy-makers to debate on sustainable solutions to the growing challenge of balancing food security and environmental protection.
    22-23 October 2015
    Common Agricultural Policy: New Developments after the Reform in the First Pillar
    Maastricht, the Netherlands
    The seminar will examine in detail the various implications of the CAP reform on the first pillar, including issues such as direct payments, market measures, repercussions on the second pillar (coherence and avoiding double financing), and specific issues of financial management.
    22-25 October 2015
    Rural Youth Workshop - More Space for Young People in Rural Europe!
    The Netherlands
    The workshop will discuss the participation of an active youth force in rural economies and local development.
    26-27 October 2015
    Common Agricultural Policy: New Developments after the Reform in the Second Pillar
    Maastricht, the Netherlands
    This seminar will examine in detail the various implications of the second pillar reform, the changes requested, and the consequences for national administrations and other stakeholders. Specifically, it will cover the new risk management measures to be funded by the second pillar (i.e. insurances and funds) and the new European networks.
    29 October 2015
    fi-compass Seminar on EAFRD Financial Instruments
    Riga, Latvia
    This one-day seminar aims to increase participants’ understanding of how Financial Instruments for agriculture and rural development can help efforts to deliver the objectives of the EAFRD in 2014-2020. It is aimed at RDP implementation stakeholders.
    4-6 November 2015
    2nd European Rural Parliament
    Schärding, Austria
    The event will gather around 300 delegates from over 40 European countries in the aim of strengthening the voice of rural communities and promoting exchange of good practice and cooperation among them.
    17 November 2015 
    3rd Innovation Sub-group Meeting
    Brussels, Belgium
    Save the date. More details to follow.
    26 November 2015
    2nd European Rural Networks’ Assembly
    Brussels, Belgium
    Save the date. More details to follow.
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