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Rural 3.0: Service learning for the rural development

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We are set as a framework for an integrated transnational approach of academic teaching and learning that contributes to the development of rural areas through the innovative service-learning methodology. This process implies the creation of a Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) - rural communities alliance, providing practical service-learning and social entrepreneurship experiences for rural areas. By engaging higher education students to take action in the rural communities, we boost social innovation and explore specific rural development opportunities by meeting their needs. For this purpose, we've established a virtual Hub with a broad network of academic and rural stakeholders that offers a transnational academic module with courses on service-learning and social entrepreneurship, collaborative tools, and training materials for the rural communities. Our rural vision focuses on strengthening the partnership and support between HEI and rural organizations (LAGs and NGOs), and by setting the international HEI-community network promoting citizen participation and social justice.


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