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Red Rural Nacional. Spanish National Rural Network

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The Spanish NRN stall highlights the broad range of stakeholders involved in the development of the Long-Term Rural Vision in Spain. It also provides space for stakeholders who participated in the Rural Vision workshops, as well as other stakeholders active in Spain’s rural sector and who are interested in taking part through 15-second videos.

At the same time, it will present the new programme of the Regional Antennas of the Spanish National Rural Network, as a good practice for rural local development. The objective is to present the outcomes of the 28 workshops organised in Spain and to offer insights into the participative methodology used in the framework of the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas in Europe.

Last but not least, it showcases other initiatives driven by the NRN seeking to dynamize rural areas. Beyond the activities undertaken within the framework of the Long-Term Rural Vision, the Spanish NRN is developing a large range of actions to promote and achieve a sustainable rural development.


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