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Network Support Unit - Managing Authority of Rural Development Programme

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The Network Support Unit of the Greek National Rural Network, in cooperation with NRN members, including LEADER Local Action Groups, presents activities related to the Rural Vision for 2040. The on-line discussions on LTVRA took place in January 2021 and the messages are highlighted in the "Rural voice of Greece: Imagining the future" presentation. The video "What did rural stakeholders say about their rural vision" gives a flavour of Greek rural voices. Some of the key messages relate to attracting population in rural areas, developing specific policies for mountainous areas and islands and accessing advisory services. Four videos, from the Epirus Region and LEADER territories, reflect local realities in mountainous and insular areas. Three Greek NRN members who are European partners in research projects present the data results for the CAP post 2020, climate change and the energy transition. Last, but not least, follow us on YouTube, to discover more about Greek rural projects!





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