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PoliRural has a simple yet ambitious objective — to make rural areas and professions more attractive. To this end, PoliRural is implementing 12 foresight pilots in geographically varied regions across Europe plus Israel.

PoliRural has a strong participatory foundation. Each pilot is supported by a stakeholder panel comprised of rural residents, businesses, policy-makers, new entrants and researchers. As the project develops, regional teams go through different foresight stages, each time refining the vision of rural attractiveness. This ensures that the concept is relevant to local needs and helps clarify the kind of policy objectives that should be pursued by each region.

The bottom-up nature is an important, but not the only, defining feature of the project. PoliRural also includes innovation elements such as Text Mining (TM) and System Dynamic Modelling (SDM). TM helps pilots work more efficiently, while SDM supports the exploration of new measures to be introduced as a result of foresight initiative.


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