The Netherlands

The Dutch Rural Network

The Dutch National Rural Network (NRN) supports people and organisations that are committed to promoting a strong and attractive countryside in the Netherlands.

The network is open to public sector, stakeholder organisations and individuals. There is no formal membership.

It has been fully operational since October 2007. For further details on the NRN post-2014, see details in the ‘NRN Mapping Report – NRNs in Transition’ (2014) [PDF]

Visit the Dutch NRN website.


NRN Activities

The NRN’s work programme includes the identification, analysis and dissemination of good (or best) practices, the organisation of workshops, conferences and study meetings, the provision of advisory and research services, the study of the RDP implementation with a particular attention to bottlenecks analysis, and the maintenance of information tools like website and publications.

The NRN prioritises skills development and capacity building, including the promotion of collaboration between rural actors. In addition, the network provides technical support for interregional and transnational cooperation.


Network Support Unit

Since 2015, the Network Support Unit (NSU) function is provided within the Managing Authority (Regiebureau POP).

The NSU provides a necessary platform for different parties to share knowledge and experience and to identify and promote promising development initiatives. Its mission includes: strengthening local development; creating opportunities to exchange good and bad project practices and experiences in rural development; and supporting cooperation.



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