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Description of the belgian initiative the 'innovation route', a good example of information and stakeholder engagement activity.

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The LINC is a is an annual European conference promoting innovative exchanging of experience and networking between rural regions in Europe. The event is an initiative from LAGs and National Network Units for rural development in Austria, Germany, Estonia...

This 'How to' section provides guidance on training and networking activities for Local Action Groups (LAGs).

En la 12ª reunión de las RRN, coorganizada por la unidad de apoyo de la Red rural estona, se analizaron formas de mejora de la sección Trabajo en red del sitio web de la REDR, con especial atención en el Kit de herramientas de las RRN.

The eleventh meeting of the National Rural Networks (NRNs) in the 2014-2020 period discussed ways of reinforcing networking in the current and future programming periods, including lessons learned and opportunities in areas such as LEADER, cooperation with farming stakeholders and rural youth....