NRN Toolkit

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El trabajo en red —y el trabajo en red en el ámbito del desarrollo rural es un excelente ejemplo de ello— se centra primero y ante todo en las personas: se trata de reunirse, desarrollar nuevas maneras de pensar y actuar, y construir juntos algo nuevo; algo que sea más grande que la suma de sus...

This ENRD workshop brought together representatives of the Network Support Units (NSUs) to explore ways of identifying, collecting and disseminating project examples and good practices.

The event looked at the state-of-play across the EU and at various aspects of NSU work related to...

The Common Network Statistics (CNS) provides an insight into the quantitative outputs of NRNs in Y4 (2017 data), highlighting the development achieved by the NRNs.

This infographics overviews the main target groups, types of information and communication channels of the National Rural Network (NRN) support units. It is based on a survey among the NRN carried out by the ENRD Contact Point in April 2018.

This methodological case study explores the Swedish Rural Network support unit in its use of thematic groups in the aim of improving and encouraging the involvement of rural stakeholders in the delivery of Rural Development policy.

This mapping report overviews the state-of-play of networking activities related to Rural Development Programme (RDP) implementation and is based on a survey among the National Rural Networks carried out by the ENRD Contact Point.

This web page contains detailed profiles of the 2014-2020 National Rural Networks (NRN), each of which features a specific section on 'NRN self-assessment'.