NRN Toolkit

Total results: 52.

Page 13 of the Rural Review 27.
Description of the belgian initiative the 'innovation route', a good example of information and stakeholder engagement activity.

Pages 25-27 of the Rural Review 27.
A series of examples of good evaluation practices through networking.

Page 22 of the Rural Review 27.
Networking activity developed by the IT NRN in partnership with a network of agricultural high-schools  to develop and deliver common educational information & coordinated comm materials on agriculture and rural issues to school age students. 

Page 15 of the Rural Review 27.
Cooperation example of a LAG network on tourism built around the assets and stories associated with the figure of St. Olaf.

Page 14 of the Rural Review 27.
The MOAM is an example of voluntary networking co-funded by LEADER to develop and support changes in public policy and consumer attitudes.