Romanian Rural Network

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The Romanian Rural Network connects rural areas to rural development policies, European funding and initiatives, contributing to the understanding and implementation of the RDP.


Romanian Rural Network
Managing Authority for RDP,
Blvd.Carol I nr. 2-4,cam 48-49, etaj 1,
030163 București
Telephone number: 
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Contact persons: 
Angelica COVRIG
Cristina COMAN
(Head of Unit)
Laurentiu Lupu
(Head of Office;Legal expert)
Beatrice Zaharescu
(Communication; LEADER/CLLD)
Nancy Samargiu
(Innovation/EIP; Website and online communication)
Cristina Savu
(NRN self-assessment/ evaluation)
Mihai Ghita
(Website; video&audio; layouts)
Simona Nimu
(Social Media/ Information)

NSU operation

The Romanian NRN defined four objectives in line with the mandatory objectives set by the EU Regulation No 1305/2013, and a further NRN-specific objective.

increase the involvement of stakeholders in the implementation of rural development

improve the quality of the implementation of rural development programmes

inform the broader public and potential beneficiaries on rural development policy and funding opportunities

foster innovation in agriculture, food production, forestry and rural areas

Strengthen the NRN 2014-2020

Who are the members?
The Romanian NRN has a wide range of members. Until 30 May 2016, the NRN had 1,113 registered members.

How to join the network?
Registration for the NRN membership is open to everyone and is on-going. 
Most members register at the time of specific NRN activities: campaigns, events, etc.
While registering, NRN members need to specify the main sector(s) in which they operate, namely: agriculture, vegetable-farming, livestock-breeding, fruit-growing, forestry, bee-keeping, food industry, local community, environment, research, rural infrastructure, mountain area, wine-culture, non-agricultural activities, crafts.  

How to get involved?
The NRN members are direct beneficiaries of NRN activities, such as working groups, meetings, thematic conferences, exchanges, etc. During these activities they have the opportunity to identify specific agricultural or non-agricultural problems and possible solutions.  

The NSU and the Managing Authority
The Network Support Unit (NSU) is set up within the Managing Authority (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, General Directorate for Rural Development). This ensures strong collaboration also with other units of the ministry.
Some activities  of the NSU are outsourced to external service provider(s).
The efficient and effective operation of the NRN is ensured through the implementation of multi-annual action plans.  

The NSU and the Monitoring Committee
The NSU is responsible for informing the Monitoring Committee (MC) regarding the actions undertaken in order to accomplish the NRN objectives.
The representative of the NSU participates at every MC meeting in order to inform the MC about its activities.

The national Network Support Unit is supported by regional structures called County Rural Development Centres (CRDC). CRDCs are operated by regional-level experts of the Managing Authority. 

The NRN is coordinated by the National Coordination Committee (NCC).
The NCC is composed of representatives of main stakeholder groups involved in rural development.
NCC members have consultative, decisional and strategic functions with regard to the operation of the NRN.
The NCC meets at least 4 times a year and has 26 members with voting rights. 
The members of the NCC are approving the Multi-Annual Action Plan and the Annual Action Plan of the NRN, and the Thematic Working Groups (that are set up based on the main priorities of the RDP).

Total NRN public funds: Lei 67 500 000
Out of which national co-financing: N/A
Out of which EAFRD: Euro 15 000 000  

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